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Request for Tips to CAPE Research!!

Please help us fulfill our mission of making this the "go to" resource for learning about and staying up-to-date on CAPE research!!

Email me your CAPE research/discussion tips. Include either an attachment or a link to the research/discussion.

Criteria - the material must be:

- Dated

- Non-anonymous

- Professional

- Substantively analytical (more than simply unsupported assertions)

- Publicly available for free or a fixed and fair price


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Maintaining this website is purely a labor of love!

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I am eager to make and keep the CAPE Research Catalog as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible. Toward this end I welcome tips about CAPE research and discussion. In order to be able to cite something, I need to know when it was originally published, by whom and I need to be able to read it myself to verify and summarize its contents. Additionally, the content must be available to the public for the foreseeable future for free or for a fixed and fair price (thus far, articles in the Journal of Financial Planning are the only exception).

I am open to feedback about how to improve this website but reserve the right to do with that feedback as I deem prudent.