CAPE Research Catalog - A Financial Planner's Resource

CAPE Primer - What to Read to Get the Basics Quickly

After reading the materials pointed to here, you should have the foundational understanding needed to absorb any of the materials included in the Catalog."


Why Valuation Metrics Matter in the first place

"Common Sense on Mutual Funds" Bogle, John C., Chapter 2 'On The Nature of Returns'

What Are CAPE Ratios

(Tip: to come up to speed quickly, don't follow the links in the following primer materials.)

A Skeletal Description

A CAPE Primer (of sorts) - quick review of the origins and theory behind CAPE ratios.

What Can CAPE Ratios Be Used For

To usefully forecast stock market returns and use the forecasts to make savvy investment decisions

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

To more effectively plan for retirement

Example 1

Example 2

At this point, you should be adequately grounded to dive into the Research Catalog and synthesize the materials.