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Welcome To All!!
I hope that whoever you are and whatever reason has brought you to this site, you find it useful, bookmark it and refer back to it frequently.


I especially hope that my fellow financial planners use this site to become and stay educated about what is, in my professional judgment, a very important financial planning topic - the usefulness of Cyclically Adjusted Price-Earnings (CAPE) ratios (aka Normalized P/E).


Kay Conheady

Our Mission…

The raison d’etre of this web site is to be the financial planner's “go to” resource for learning about and staying current with any and all writing, research and thoughtful discussion relating to Cyclically Adjusted Price-Earnings (CAPE) ratios such as the P/E10 and its variants ( P/E5, P/E15, etc.).

Toward this end, this site is a catalog of research and thoughtful discussion that is focused on Cyclically Adjusted P/E ratios.

Site Usage Suggestions

For Those Unfamiliar (more or less) With CAPE Topics...

Visit the CAPE Primer page then the CAPE Topics page of this site. Then visit The Research page to see the catalog of research.

For Those Already Familiar With CAPE Topics...

Visit The Research page to find research you may not have already read.

Request For Citations...

Our goal is to cite every book, research article or thoughtful discussion available in English about CAPE topics. We suspect that we don't know about every article/discussion out there, especially if it was published years ago.

If you know of an instance of CAPE research or discussion that is not cataloged on The Research page we hope you will send us an email to let us know about it so we can consider it for inclusion in this catalog.

We are interested in scholarly research, white papers, working papers, journal articles, web articles, web blog discussions and the like.

And, while we welcome all genuine tips, the more professional and substantive the research/discussion is the better are the chances that we will include the item in the catalog.